Frequently Asked Questions - Media Players

How do I know if an AMTC digital media player will connect to my phone system?
AMTC media players connect to business telephone systems as "music on hold". Almost every business telephone system made in the past 20 years has the ability to play music on hold. Most have a simple jack into which you plug a music on hold source. This can be any audio source (e.g.; radio, tape player, AMTC player, etc.). This jack is usually located on the central control unit of the telephone system ("the big box in the wiring closet"). Several popular brands of telephone systems, including Lucent and Northern Telecom (Nortel) make hooking up music on hold a bit more difficult, and often a professional telephone service technician is required. The hookup on these systems is quick and easy, taking a competent technician less than one half-hour. The charge for this does not typically exceed $100.00. Occasionally, accessory items (cards, adapters, etc.) may be required, involving additional expense. The Support area of contains a database of connection requirements for nearly every make and model of telephone system currently in use. (68)
I don't have a business telephone system. Can I use an AMTC digital media player with a plain telephone?
Regular telephones (where there is no central control box) do not allow music on hold by themselves. An adapter is available that will give you the ability to have music on hold with such phones on up to 4 lines. The AMTC media player connects to this adapter. With these adapters, you place callers on hold by pressing the "*" key on your phone. While on hold, the caller hears the music & messages from the AMTC digital media player. You need only one adapter for up to four phone lines, even if you have numerous telephones. You can place callers on hold from any telephone. For more information about this adapter, call AMTC Customer Support. (69)
Will connecting an AMTC digital media player to my telephone system affect my voicemail or auto-attendant system?
To your telephone system, our players are simply "music on hold", just like having a radio plugged in. They have absolutely nothing to do with voicemail or auto-attendant equipment you may have installed on your telephone system, and will in no way interfere with their operation. (70)
Will an AMTC digital media player answer the phone? Will it let callers select the extension/department they want? Will it take messages?
None of the above. AMTC digital media players do one thing, and one thing only: they play audio files. Our players do not answer the phone or give callers a "menu" of extensions to select from (this is the function of an auto-attendant), nor will they take messages (this is the function of voicemail). (71)
Can I install the RemoteLink IP myself?
Yes. Installation of the RemoteLink IP player consists of connecting it to the internet. If you have a router/firewall, it must be programmed to allow the RemoteLink IP to connect to the Eos servers. (72)
Is the RemoteLink IP a streaming service?
No. The RemoteLink IP connects once daily to Eos/AMTC Messaging music servers to obtain a playlist of music for the next day and obtain any song/messaging files required by that playlist. It also sends a "ping" to the Eos server after it completes play of each file (for royalty reporting purposes). Other than that, it is not connected to the internet at all. It's not using up precious internet bandwidth, and there's no stream to get interrupted and cause your music/messaging to buffer. (73)
Does connecting a RemoteLink IP create any security risk to my computer network?
No. The RemoteLink IP is a "pull" device. No one can "reach in" through your network and connect to it ("push" to it). The RemoteLink much "reach out" and connect to and "pull" content from the Eos/AMTC Messaging servers, which are the ONLY servers it can connect to. The device has no input/output port. The only way for content to get onto the player is from the Eos/AMTC Messaging servers. (74)
Can I use the RemoteLink IP with a router and/or firewall?
Yes. Your router/firewall must simply be programmed to allow the RemoteLink IP to connect to the Eos/AMTC Messaging servers. (75)
Can AMTC help me configure my router/firewall to allow the RemoteLink IP to work?
No. First, there are dozens of manufacturers of routers and firewalls. We couldn't possibly maintain proficiency on all of them. Second, you'd have to give us access to the only device standing between your computer network and a world of malicious hackers. We're not willing to accept that liability. If you don't feel comfortable making simple configuration changes to your router/firewall, you'll need the assistance of an IT professional. (76)
Is it more difficult to make the RemoteLink IP work than other internet-based digital media players?
No. If you want music/messaging via the internet, the issues are always the same, whether it's a streaming service or a download-to-media player service. You need a player (even if it's just your PC) to connect to a server and get the music/messaging files. If you have a router/firewall, it must allow that connection. (77)
How is my AMTC digital media player activated?
When your equipment is installed, log into your account at, locate the device in the Device Manager area, and click the activation button. (78)
I have Muzak now, and they sold me my sound system. Will an AMTC media player work with their amplifier and speakers?
Absolutely. Sound equipment is agnostic. It doesn't care what audio source you connect to it. It will play just fine. (136)
Do you offer any trade-in credit?
Customers purchasing an AMTC iQueue or Remotelink digital media player may receive a $100 subscription credit by trading in a discontinued AMTC media player or a competitor’s digital media player. For example, if you subscribe to AMTC Messaging $100.00 credit ÷ $4.95/mo. = 20 months credit. Certain conditions apply. The trade-in form is available in the under the Support/Downloads.
Can I connect the RemoteLink IP to my network wirelessly?
The RemoteLink does not have Wi-Fi onboard. However, we offer a Wi-Fi adapter that connects to the RemoteLink via its RJ45 Ethernet port. You may view details of this adapter in the Accessories section of this site.
How will I obtain the username and password for my SiriusXM Internet Music for Business subscription?
Username and password follow a standard formula. User Name: Using the Main Contact on your account, [FIRST INITIAL (capitalized)] + [LAST NAME (proper case)] + [LAST 4 DIGITS OF PHONE1] Example: MFurey1212 (where Main Contact is Mark Furey and Phone1 is (727)555-1212) Password: Using the Main Contact on your account, [FIRST INITIAL (Capitalized)] + [FIRST LETTER OF LAST NAME (lower case)] + [LAST 7 DIGITS OF PHONE1] Example: Mf5551212 (where Main Contact is Mark Furey and Phone1 is (727)555-1212)
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