Applied Media Technologies Corporation
AMTC Media Player Endorsement Rebate
  1. Purchase one of the following along with a prepaid subscription service 12 months or longer in duration:
    1. iQueue Digital Media Player (Product ID 451) ($100 rebate)
    2. RemoteLink AV+ Digital Media Player (Product ID 1720) ($100 rebate)
    3. RemoteLink AV Digital Media Player (Product ID 1644) ($50 rebate)
  2. Be part of an endorsed AMTC Special Program targeted marketing group to which this rebate is available.
  3. Select your preferred rebate payment method:

    We will ask you to enter your PayPal email address. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you may enter an email address anyway. PayPal will send you an invitation to register once they have received the rebate payment. It’s easy and FREE!

    We will extend the subscription for your new player by an amount equivalent to the rebate amount.

  4. Clicking Submit below will generate a PDF claim form, which should open automatically in your computer’s default PDF viewer. If you don’t have a PDF viewer, click the link at the bottom left to download one. Print out the form and attach the original serial number bar code label from the outer carton of the product (copies not accepted) where indicated. DO NOT PLACE TAPE OVER THE BARCODE OR IT CANNOT BE SCANNED AND YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED.
  5. Mail form within 30 days from the date of purchase to:

    Rebate Processing Center
    1444 South Belcher Road
    Ste C # 109
    Clearwater, FL. 33764

download pdf viewer
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