Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous

Does AMTC provide installation?
AMTC maintains a national network of certified, licensed subcontractors and can arrange and coordinate professional installation. We can arrange the installation and track it to completion via our Customer Portal, which gives you visibility every step of the way. To request installation, simply click “Request Installation” at the bottom of the Order Details screen. If you need to connect an AMTC digital media player to your business telephone system, it's probably best to use the vendor that normally services your system. They are already familiar with the make and model of your system and its configuration. If you don't have a regular telephone service vendor, or if they quote more than $100 for a simple installation, we'd be glad to refer you to a local service vendor. We have vendors we work with in most major markets. (66)
What payment options are available?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from a bank account. Although we highly discourage it, you may also mail a paper check. This option is not available for monthly subscription renewals. There are significant disadvantages to doing so. Please see “Can I pay for a quote by mailing a check?” in this section. (96)
Are credit terms available?
You may apply for an AMTC CreditLine account. A Volume Purchasing Agreement (VPA) for minimum annual spending commitment of $3000.00 is required. See “Are volume discounts available?” in this section for more details about VPAs.
Are volume discounts available?
Volume discounts are automatically applied during checkout, based on the contents of the quote being purchased. If you anticipate placing multiple orders over time that, in total, would warrant a volume discount, you may establish a Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA). A VPA is a contract, under which you agree to purchase a minimum dollar amount over a specified term, and in return we apply a discount to all orders, regardless of individual order size. Please contact AMTC Customer Support for more information about VPAs. (98)
What shipping options are available?
We ship via FedEx. At checkout, you will be given the opportunity to select from any FedEx class of service available to your specified shipping address. You may also select “Customer Pickup” to pick your Order up at our warehouse in Clearwater, FL or to arrange your own carrier. (99)
Will I pay any taxes on my order?
AMTC maintains a tax nexus only with the State of Florida. If your specified shipping address is within Florida and your order contains sales-taxable goods, you will be charged Florida state sales tax at checkout. If your order includes SiriusXM Music for Business, you will be charged Florida Communications Tax on that subscription. (100)
What is your return policy?
You may return any physical item purchased within thirty (30) days from the order date (we must receive the returned item within this timeframe). Renewals of subscription services are not subject to this right of return. In such event, the amount paid by you for the returned item shall be refunded, less any discounts which become unearned by virtue of the return. Shipping, handling, and activation fees are non-refundable, and you are responsible for return shipping charges. No returns shall be accepted unless accompanied by a Return Authorization obtained from AMTC. Returned items must be in new condition, in the original packaging, with all original package contents included. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no returns will be permitted of items purchased on an order with a total value exceeding $5000.
How much does installation cost?
Certified installers have agreed to adhere to the rates shown in our Suggested Installation Rates document, available for download in the Support/Downloads section of Occasionally, circumstances will require deviation from these suggested rates due to permits and licensing fees, unusual site conditions, excessive travel time to reach your location, higher prevailing labor rates for certain metropolitan areas, etc. If this is the case, the installer must disclose, and you must agree to, any additional charges before work is scheduled or commenced. In the event that an on-site survey is required to determine such additional charges, the installer must disclose, and you must agree to, the charge, if any, for such on-site survey. AMTC recommends that in all cases, you get an estimate or quote in writing before allowing an installer to commence work. Please remember that AMTC is serving solely as a facilitator. The installer is solely responsible for the quality of work performed. Similarly, you are solely responsible for payment for any work performed by the installer. AMTC does not, in any way, take or mediate payment for installation of equipment. You may direct any questions regarding installation details, pricing, etc. directly to the installer via the Installation Jobs tab of the AMTC Customer Portal. (185)
Can I pay for a quote by mailing a check?
Quotes are normally paid (turning them into orders) via our online checkout process. During checkout, customers are asked to enter either a credit card or bank account as a method of payment. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this quick, easy process. However, if you must pay via paper check, we have a way to accommodate you. Mail the check to AMTC, 4091 AMTC Center Drive, Clearwater, FL 33764. Write your Customer ID (found at the top left of your account page) on the check. When we receive your mailed paper check, we treat it as a deposit, which will appear in the Customer Deposits section of the Activity tab. You must then log in and pay your quote via online checkout. Your Customer Deposits balance will be applied to reduce the quote total. PLEASE NOTE: Quotes are calculated dynamically during checkout, using pricing, shipping rates, tax rates and inventory availability at the moment. AMTC does not guarantee that pricing and availability will remain constant. If you mail a check to pay for a quote based on pricing shown at the time you mail the check, the check amount may not match the quote total at the time you check out. If your Customer Deposits balance is insufficient to cover the Quote total, you will be required to pay the difference with another method of payment. If your Customer Deposits balance exceeds the Quote total, your unused balance will remain for future purchases. You may also withdraw your Customer Deposits balance to a bank account. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Once we receive a paper check, posting it as a Customer Deposit may take up to three business days. Please consider this if time is of the essence, such as with subscription renewals.
B-Stock Items
B-stock items are fully functional, but may have cosmetic blemishes (scratches, dents, missing knobs, etc.) and non-original packaging. As we have limited inventory of B-stock, “advance replacement” is not available in the event of a warranty claim. B-stock items must be returned to us for repair.
The person who used to log into has left my company and I don’t know their login credentials. How can I get access to my account?
If you know the email address that the person used, simply log in using that address and use the “Forget?” link to the right of the password field on the login page. An email will be sent to that address to allow you to log in with a temporary password. You can change the password to whatever you desire once you log in. If you thereafter want to use your own email address to login, you may then add yourself as a contact on your company account, and then register using the “Register” link on the login page. If you do not know the email address used by the previous person, or have no access to that email account, you must email a request that you be added as a contact on the account. If your email address is from a domain that allows us to easily identify it as legitimate (e.g., an email from representing Acme Widget Corporation), all we need is a one-line request in the body of the email. If your email address doesn’t facilitate identification, we’ll need the request on company letterhead. Please send the request to You may also fax it to (727)531-3965. We apologize for requiring this formality, but it’s for your security. Anyone with account access has the ability to make purchases on your account. We must take reasonable steps to confirm that you have the right to gain this access.
Do AMTC sound products have warranties?
Every sound product sold by AMTC carries a warranty. Warranties vary in term by product. Generally the warranty is one year, but AMTC media players have a three year warranty and SiriusXM receivers have a one year warranty. The warranty term will be displayed to you at checkout. (64)
Are extended warranties available?
On most products, AMTC offers Gold Crown Coverage, which extends the product warranty to a total of 60 months. Gold Crown Coverage also entitles you to assistance from our Customer Support group that exceeds the scope of the support we provide at no charge with your product purchase. Examples of expanded support include training on Windows, web browser and/or network functions and settings related to the use of our products, and step-by-step guidance on installation, setup or use of our products. If Gold Crown Coverage is available for a product, you will have the opportunity to purchase it at checkout. You may also contact Customer Support to purchase for up to 90 days after your purchase. (65)
What is the warranty claim process?
First, you must call Customer Support to obtain a Return Authorization (“RA”). We will then send via email an RA number and a prepaid FedEx return label. Within three business days we will repair the product and ship it back to you or, if it is not repairable, ship you a replacement (we cover return shipping). (188)
Why do I have to speak with AMTC Customer Support to obtain a Return Authorization?
Because in a majority of cases, a product that the customers thinks is defective, isn’t. A simple diagnostic conversation with a skilled Customer Support representative can reveal user error and prevent an unnecessary return. (189)
Do you offer any trade-in credit?
Customers purchasing an AMTC iQueue or Remotelink digital media player may receive a $100 subscription credit by trading in a discontinued AMTC media player or a competitor’s digital media player. For example, if you subscribe to AMTC Messaging $100.00 credit ÷ $4.95/mo. = 20 months credit. Certain conditions apply. The trade-in form is available in the under the Support/Downloads.
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