3com all

Manufacturer: 3com
Model: all
Connection Type:
Technicial Needed: No
Extra Part Needed: No

Connectivity Instructions

1. open internet explorer and clear the address bar. Type in (phone system IP address), default is and press Enter.

2. There will be 2 ways to login to the system. Admin or User. Choose administrator and you will be prompted for a username and password. The U/N: administrator and the P/W: 0000 (that is four zero’s)

3. It will open up all of the settings at this point and on the left side of the screen the first option in the list is going to be System-Wide Settings. When you move your mouse to this option it will open up a sub menu. The second option in this menu will be Enable Features System-Wide.

4. Select the Enable Features option and the screen will change again to give you System-Wide Settings in 2 columns on the right column you will see Music on Hold and you will just need to check the box beside this feature and press Apply at the bottom of the screen to enable it.

5. To test that the music is at the appropriate volume and to verify that it is working you can go to any phone in the office and pick up the handset and dial 500 then press 00 you should then hear your music playing on the line.

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