Invotel SX 2010

Manufacturer: Invotel
Model: SX 2010
Connection Type: RCA Jack
Technicial Needed: No
Extra Part Needed: Yes

Connectivity Instructions

Provides a RCA input jack

Two line Music-On-Hold adapter
Provides Music-On-Hold function on all the telephones and extensions up to 2 lines and up to 16 telephones

Activates using the telephone's HOLD button on one corded phone that is connected to this device or activates using Flash button on up to 16 phones in the office.
Not guaranteed to work with 4 line phones (even with 2 lines connected) via HOLD, but works via FLASH.

Phone line powered, no batteries or AC adapter, fits anywhere.
Simple, easy to install and operate.Just connects to a wall jack or connects to one of the phones only!

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