Invotel SX2100EZ

Manufacturer: Invotel
Model: SX2100EZ
Connection Type: RCA Jack
Technicial Needed: No
Extra Part Needed: No

Connectivity Instructions

One line Music-On-Hold adapter
Provides a RCA input jack
Two line Music-On-Hold adapter
Provides Music-On-Hold function on all the telephones and extensions up to 2 lines and up to 16 telephones

Activates simply using the telephone's HOLD button on any corded or cordless phone (the activation time can be a few seconds longer on some phones) also activates using the telephone's FLASH button.
Please note: this model is not intended for 4 line capable phones (even with 2 lines being used ) it may not activate 4 line capable phones via HOLD button, but works via FLASH.

Phone line powered, no batteries or AC adapter, fits anywhere.
Simple, easy to install and operate. Just connects to a wall jack or connects to one of the phones only!

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