Lucent Technologies Definity ECS R10

Manufacturer: Lucent Technologies
Model: Definity ECS R10
Connection Type:
Technicial Needed: Yes
Extra Part Needed: No

Connectivity Instructions

A introduction to the DEFINITY system Setting up Music-on-Hold Instructions
In this example, we administer the system to allow local callers and incoming trunk callers to hear music while on hold. Note that if you use Tenant Partitioning, you cannot set up Music on Hold this way.

1. Type change system-parameters features and press return.
2. In the Music/Tone On Hold field, type music. The Port field appears.
3. In the Port field, type 6040.
This is the port address of the music source.
4. In the Music (or Silence) on Transferred Trunk Calls, type all.
5. Press enter to save your changes.
6. Now administer a class of restriction with Hear System Music on Hold set to y, to allow your local users to hear music on hold.

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